Our Story 

Justin Kukowski was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2005. An athletic, fun-loving 25-year-old man, he left his mark on those who knew him—and on many other cancer patients to come after him.

During the course of Justin’s surgery and treatments, he endured much physical pain and intense side effects. Justin managed it with a sense of style and humor, at one point embarking upon a trip to New York to visit friends and see the sights of the city from his walker. But his parents knew that Justin’s quality of life would have been enhanced had he been able to find complementary alternative 

therapies such as massage or nutritional counseling. Unfortunately they were not able to find such treatments for Justin. As his mother said, at that time they just didn’t know where to look.

Today , the Justin Kukowski Foundation has many purposes. The main purpose, however, is to honor Justin’s loving spirit by providing scholarships to people in the holistic Living Well With Cancer Program at Cashman Center.


To fund research, development, and to provide complementary alternative therapies and psychological support for cancer patients.

  • Provides scholarships to the Living Well with Cancer Program at Cashman Center.

  • Supports and advocates for holistic treatments for people with cancer.

  • Is a 501c3 Non Profit Organization

  • All members of the board are volunteers.

  • 100% of donations are distributed locally.

  • Some family members and friends of Justin Kukowski are active on board, and participate in foundation events.

  • We are locally operated, and host fundraising events throughout the year to raise scholarship funds.

Scholarships awarded



Robert Rehbein


Bob was fortunate to have been Justin Kukowski's step father. After Justin passed away from cancer (medulloblastoma), he became involved with the development of the Justin Kukowski Center (now the Cashman Center) from 2009 to 2014. In 2015 we formed the Justin Kukowski Foundation. Bob has served as President since 2015, along with serving on the Scholarship committee since 2016.

Bob is employed as a Professional Animal Scientist for United Farmers Cooperative. 

Donald A. Kukowski

Treasurer and Father of Justin

Donald retired from engineering in 2014.  His passion now is to travel, enjoy his children and grandchildren, and find time to serve people in need.  He has served as the Justin Kukowski Foundation Treasurer and the Foundation Scholarship Award Committee since 2015.

Felixia M. Valerius, MA, LPCC


Felixia's passion in clinical practice is working in an integrative setting with patients who are chronically ill or who have cancer. She has served as the Justin Kukowski Foundation Secretary since 2015, and is also the Operations Director of our partner provider, Cashman Center (Justin Kukowski Center 2010-2014).

Caitlin Herby


Jake Austin